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The last several years have witnessed an unprecedented explosion of knowledge acquisition related to lymphatic diseases, encompassing primary and secondary lymphedema, lymphatic and complex malformations, and lipedema, among many other related topics. There is much that is new and exciting in this field.

Please join Stanford University and LE&RN in the 2024 Virtual Lymphatic Summit—Lymphatic Disease 2024: What’s New? What’s Exciting to understand the evolving knowledge base in the broad domain of biomedical research, encompassing bioengineering; imaging and intervention; genetics and gene therapy; diet, pharmacology and surgery; and role of lymphatics in the expression of systemic health and disease. The Summit will feature the presentations of the global leaders in these fields.

Up to 10 million Americans are estimated to be living with lymphedema (LE) and there are an additional 17 million women in America estimated to have lipedema (LI). The World Health Organization projects up to 250 million people with LE worldwide. Nevertheless, lymphatic patients still struggle to find physicians who are prepared to undertake their necessary medical care. Upon completion of this summit, participants will be better equipped to provide state-of-the-art lymphatic care.

Stanley G. Rockson, MD

Stanley G. Rockson, MD
Summit Organizer
Chief of Consultative Cardiology, Allan and Tina Neill Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine Professor of Medicine, Director, Center for Lymphatic and Venous Disorders Stanford University School of Medicine, Falk Cardiovascular Research Center



FRIDAY JANUARY 26, 2024 - Pacific Time
8:00am - Welcome and Introductions
Stanley G. Rockson, Stanford University and LE&RN
William Repicci, President and CEO, LE&RN
Session Chair: J. Brandon Dixon, PhD, Georgia Tech
8:15am - Engineered LN Development; Professor James E. Moore Jr., Imperial College London
8:45am - In Vivo Drug Delivery for Lymphedema; Susan N. Thomas, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Session Chair: David Hovsepian, MD, Stanford University
9:15am - Cutaneous Ultrasonography in Lymphedema Evaluation; R. Carson Sibley, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center
9:45am - Refinements in Magnetic Resonance Lymphangiography; Andreas Loening, MD, PhD, Stanford University
10:15am - Interventional Approaches for Systemic Lymphatic Disease; Maxim Itkin, MD, University of Pennsylvania
Session Chair: Sandro Michelini, MD, San Giovanni Battista Hospital
10:45am - Dietary Approaches in Lipedema; Andrzej Szuba, MD, PhD, Wroclaw Medical University
11:15am - Surgical Management of Lipedema; Associate Professor Ramin Shayan, MBBS, PhD, FRACS (Plastic Surgery), Alfred Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital
11:45am - BREAK
Session Chair: Prof. Pia Ostergard, St. George's University
12:00pm - Genetics of Lipedema; Tara Karnezis, CEO, Gertrude Biomedical
12:30pm - Gene Therapy for Lymphedema; Barbara Garmy-Susini, PhD, Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (I2MC) of Toulouse, France
Session Chair: Jan Kitajewski, PhD, University of Illinois
1:00pm - Open Label Experience with Acebilustat in Lymphatic Disease; Stanley G. Rockson, Stanford University
1:30pm - Pharmacology for Lymphatic and Complex Vascular Malformations; Denise Adams, MD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Session Chair: Stanley G. Rockson, MD, Stanford University
2:00pm - The Role of Lymphatics in Renal Health and Disease; Giacomo Rossitto, MD, PhD, University Hospital of Padua, Italy
2:30pm - The Role of Lymphatics in Myocardial Health and Disease; Ebba Brakenhielm, PhD, French Institute of Health and Medical Research