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  • Surgical Management of Lymphedema

David W. Chang, M.D., is professor in the Department of Surgery and the Chief of the Plastic and Reconstructive at The University of Chicago Medicine. He is currently President-Elect of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, and the past President of the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery. Dr. Chang specializes in complex microsurgical reconstructive surgery in cancer patients, and has a national and international reputation as an expert, an innovator and a pioneer in the field of surgical treatment of lymphedema and breast reconstruction. He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed research articles in high-impact journals as well as dozens of book chapters. He is also a prolific speaker, and has lectured at more than 200 national and international symposiums and meetings, while serving as visiting professor at institutions all over the world. Dr. Chang has been named to Best Doctors in America every year since 2001. He is on the editorial board of numerous leading medical journals including the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a recipient of the Godina Traveling Fellowship from ASRM in 2005. Dr. Chang is a board examiner for American Society of Plastic Surgery since 2008.

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  1. lymphema venous surgery
    Question (Debbie, ):
    • How do you become a candidate for lymphedema venous surgery. I had knee replacement revIsion. The knee had a tour quiet tied above it for 2 hours. 3 days later I had severe swelling. I have been pumping legs for 6 months, it is accumulating in my abdomen!!!!

    • Dec 2022

      Need work up to evaluate and diagnose that you have lymphedema.
      swelling could be post-surgical, or venous related.
      should start with lymphoscintigraphy.


  2. Lymphedema in lower legs
    Question (John, ):
    • Is there any kind of surgery that will fix this problem? And does drinking less fluids help with the swelling?

    • Nov 2022

      if you have diagnosed lymphedema, you may benefit from some or all of the following: lymph node transplant, lymphovenous bypass, liposuction or debulking. 
      It depends on number of variables: the extent of your lymphedema, type of lymphedema, your other medical conditions, your weight etc.
      Drink water usually is not related.

  3. Necessity of lymph node dissection for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of breast
    Question (K, ):
    • What questions should I pose to general surgeon BEFORE surgery regarding the necessity of removing lymph? I had subcutaneous mastectomies in 1978. My family helped identify BRCA1 in human genome project. I have silicone implants now (third set). What are risks if I say no to removing lymph?

    • Oct 2022

      That is the question you should discuss with the breast surgeon regarding oncologic implication.

  4. CMLDT has new client and needs to know if MLD is contraindicated
    Question (Katie, ):
    • What my pt had done April 2018 lumpectomy in her R breast. May 26th 2022 double mastectomy tissue expanders and allograft (2 ALNs removed on the R and 1 ALN removed on the L) June 3rd, (L) breast necrosis June 23rd, removal of (L) tissue expander July 11th, bilateral breast reconstruction w/ diep flapswithrightcapsulectomy

    • Oct 2022

      sorry, what is the question?

  5. No evidence of lymphedema
    Question (Dana, ):
    • 2017 SLNB and swelling occurred in leg 5 months later (10% size difference). After CDT and daily compression wearing there is no ongoing swelling. Daily compression since onset in 2018. Recent MR Lymphangiography showed no sign of lymphedema. How to proceed? Could lymphedema be reversed? Do I continue wearing compression or only in high risk situations? Is there a small percentage for error on MR Lymphangiography?

    • Aug 2022

      in some patients, swelling following SLNB can be temporary.
      I would work with your lymphedema therapist to ensure that you no longer need garment and therapy.
      would take caution to avoid any infection to the arm which can reexacerbate lymphedema.

  6. Genital lymphedema with cutaneous changes & lymphorrhea
    Question (Marcus, ):
    • 76 yo female with secondary lymphedema. Underwent LN transfer with abdominal debulking in 2016. Has since developed severe genital lymphedema with lymphorrhea and recurrent cellulitis. Need advice on surgery and location for MR lymphography.

    • Jul 2022

      These are challenging cases. Perhaps LVB maybe considered. Not many places perform MRL….possibly MSK…

  7. Is Surgery a possibility
    Question (LuRay, ):
    • I got lymphedema after vascular surgery for leaking veins the doctor doesn’t seem to be concerned with the Lymphedema side affects however my legs swell so much and the pain is crippling can surgery help I have a Aerios 6 pump

    • Jun 2022

      Depends on the many factors:
      1. the cause fo the swelling: may noit necessarily be lymphedema, could be due to vascular issues, other cariac or metabolic issues. you should have your physicians due work up including lymphoscintigraphy to assess your lymphatic function.
      2. The extent of the swelling
      3. your general medical condition including your body mass index

  8. Removal of lymphedema masses
    Question (Rebecca, ):
    • I have a lymphedema mass at the bottom of a pannus. Can it be removed before I weight qualify for pannus removal?

    • Nov 2021

      you shoud have this “lymphedema mass” evaluated by your surgeon prior to pannus resection.

  9. full body LE, 35 year old
    Question (Sally, ):
    • Primary full body Lymphedema, my face showed worst on icg (dermal back flow at all injections), I have linear channels but very sluggish uptake almost everywhere and stardust on left shin. Will extremities LVA then possibly arms help my overall body LE including face? what are my options please?

    • Aug 2021

      I am sorry I don’t have any experience with patients with total body lymphedema.

  10. Lymphedema after phlebectomies
    Question (Kathleen, ):
    • I had phlebectomies on both legs about ten years ago, 110 veins removed from left leg and 80 from the right. A couple of years ago my left foot and calf started to swell and eventually the right swelled but not as much. I was diagnosed with lymphedema. Seem correct?

    • Apr 2021

      more likely venous problem. You may consider getting lymphoscintigraphy to assess lymphatic function. Often times venous and lymphatic issues can co-exist.

  11. prophylatic LVA
    Question (Leslie, ):
    • 2013 lumpectomy/radiation DCIS. I do not have lymphedema in right arm(right leg due to nodes removed for melanoma mets) I am considering LVA to prevent. BUT if cancer did return in breast....would I still benefit of risk reduction for lymphedema?

    • Apr 2021

      Prophylatic LVB is done at the time of axillary node dissection. If you already had surgery at 2013 and if you don’t have lymphedema after 7-8 years, its unlikely you will get lymphedema in that arm. ..and I am not aware of any delayed prophylactic LVB.

  12. Head and Neck Lymphedema
    Question (Sally, ):
    • Are there are surgical options for me? I'm suffering with head and neck lymphedema after tonsillectomy done years ago and possibly also have a venous insufficiency (toes turn purple when sitting)? Compression/manual drainage hasn't worked at all. Thanks.

    • Apr 2021

      It is rare that H&N lymphedema needs surgery as they are usually self limiting.
      some have tried LVB with limited success.  I personally have no experience with surgery for H&N lymphedema.

  13. Too young for surgery?
    Question (Becca, ):
    • I’m 28 and I’ve had full leg Lymphedema over half my life. I had Ewing’s Sarcoma in my left hip and had radiation and surgery to treat. Am I too young for a surgeon to consider? I require daily compression to function, arthritis in hip makes MLD hard to do

    • Mar 2021

      no you are not.
      You may send your info to:
      .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

      if you wish further evaluation.

  14. Lymphatic Surgery
    Question (Rebecca, ):
    • Can you provide research references supporting lymphatic surgery to improve lymphedema in UE and LE? If surgery doesn't "cure" lymphedema & compression is still needed, is it really that beneficial? (Like ablation for venous insufficiency; compression prevents wound development & is often needed after surgery, so why have surgery?)

    • Mar 2021

      my recent publication but there are many more studies that support that this significantly improves patients quality of life:

      Outcomes for Physiologic Microsurgical Treatment of Secondary Lymphedema Involving the Extremity.
      Beederman M, Garza RM, Agarwal S, Chang DW.
      Ann Surg. 2020 Sep 1. doi: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000004457. Online ahead of print.PMID: 3288987

  15. Lymphatic reconstructive surgeries
    Question (Gabriele, ):
    • What is the success rate for lymphatic reconstructive surgeries like LVA and LVT for patients with secondary lymphedema when no cause of the lymphedema is found as of today. The patient developed first scrotal edema approx. 6 years ago. Approx. 4 years ago he developed leg edema without cancer.

    • Jan 2021

      He/she should be evaluated to determine the cause of “unknown” swelling.
      Not all swelling is lymphedema.
      If it is lymphedema but there is no known cause, then this would be considered primary lymphedema.

  16. Extreme case of Lymphedema
    Question (Shanta, ):
    • My sister is sufferi from extreme lymphrdema. The massages, compressions and pump doesn't seem to work. Fluid has built up in her arm back and chest. She has blockage and stage 4 breadt cancer the lymphefema is so painful its crippled her. Is there anything that can be done

    • Jan 2021

      it is possible. But she should be evaluated by a surgeon near her who has experience in this area to see if she is a good candidate.

  17. Surgical question
    Question (Donna, ):
    • Could you explain whether microsurgical repair from a lymphatic vessel ,close to the ankle, to a significant size vein could make much of a difference if it is the only lymphatics visualized in the ICG procedure prior to surgery on my leg? Thank you. Donna

    • Nov 2020

      Depending on how it was done. whether the bypass was patent, the technique that was used, amount of lymphatic flow from lymphatic into the vein, the extent of your lymphedema, There are many factors. Difficult to just say yes or no. But a single bypass can help in certain situations.

  18. Lymphedema Flare Up After Transplant Success (medicine related?)
    Question (Tara, ):
    • I had lymph node transplant 9/2019 ( Dr. Dayan), very successful down to 5% for 10 months. Tested positive for dormant cancer cells in bone marrow and became eligible for preventative CLEVER Trial. Started Everolimus 10mg 8 wks ago and just got lymphedema in that arm (15%)! Everolimus the problem?

    • Oct 2020

      Even after lymphedema surgery such as lymph node transplant and lymphovenous bypass, your lymphatic system is still not 100 % normal.
      You are still at risk for flare ups for various reasons, such as mild infection that can lead to cellulitis, weight gain, etc…
      You should check with your oncologist about Everolimus…its side effects

  19. Hanging lobes and lymphedema medical specialist members of LE&RN;, located in Chicago, Illinois.
    Question (Yolanda, ):
    • It took years to get a diagnosis for my leg lymphedema. I do not have confidence in my medical providers to help me navigate the management of the disease. Currently, I have lobes that are hanging on my inner thighs, which make it difficult to walk and sit, Please help

    • Sep 2020

      you may direct excision of “lobes” .

  20. lymphatic bypass surgery
    Question (Jeffrey, ):
    • Can lymphatic bypass surgery be done on the upper arm?

    • Feb 2020

      yes but commonly done below elbow

  21. Lymphaticovenous anastomosis
    Question (Jeffrey, ):
    • Can lymphatic bypass surgery be done on the same arm more than once? Can lymphatic bypass surgery be done on the upper arm? Thank you for any information you can provide. Sincerely, jeff

    • Feb 2020

      Depends on how it was done the first time.
      I usually do not offer it more than once to my patients as I do optimal number of bypasses at the initial surgery.

  22. venous ablation - great saphenous vein
    Question (Susan, ):
    • Just diagnosed with venous insufficiency - great saphenous vein both legs. Is venous ablation safe/recommended for Lipo/lymphedema? Concerned as I don't want to upset my already impaired lymphatic system. I work hard to maintain good control, day and night garments, pump etc Thanks!

    • Feb 2020

      Venous system and lymphatic system are actively intertwined.
      You can get leg swellings from venous insufficiency. I would focus on treating the venous insufficiency.

  23. Technical two questions about surgery
    Question (ahmed, ):
    • Dear Dr. David If you allow me to ask 2 questions 1-Why we didn't use blue dye instead of NIRFLI in Dx of Lymphedema? 2-What are disadvantages of immediate LYMPHA techniq instead of post op. LVA? Regards

    • Jan 2020

      1. I use both isosulfan blue and ICGN during the surgery
      2. LYMPHA is a relatively new technique that is done to theoretically reduce the chance for developing lymphedema.  Once there is a strong evidence that LYMPHA can prevent lymphedema, I expect that this will become more common. We at University of Chicago do currently offer this to patients who will undergo axillary dissection. LVB is performed for patients who already have lymphedema.

  24. Sequence of surgeries
    Question (Sara, ):
    • I have lymphedema in my right leg & I'm considering a VLNT & a SAPL surgery. Which surgery do you usually perform first? I understand this is a matter for debate in the lymphatic surgery community.

    • Dec 2019

      I do microsurgery first and then debulking later if needed.

  25. Surgery
    Question (Tara, ):
    • After u have been massage & wrapped and u have excess skin will getting surgery help.because both of my lower extremities from my thighs to my toes, now I have overlapping skin and it's putting a strain on my knees so can I have surgery or will lymphedema come back

    • Dec 2019

      Redundant excess skin likely will need excision.

  26. Reconstructive microsurgery
    Question (Donna, ):
    • 19 year old daughter has had primary lymphedema since 2013. Lymphangiogram showed sever blockage at left groin and minor on right. Swelling is somewhat controlled with compression hose. Could she be a candidate for reconstructive microsurgery?

    • Dec 2019

      she could be yes.

  27. Patient qualifiers for successful lymph node surgery
    Question (Robert, ):
    • I was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphedema 21/2 years ago and have been receiving treatment at the local lymphedema clinic for edema and wound clinic for a hand sized leaking wound on the back of my leg that has existed for a year now.  Compression using JuxtaFit has helped reduce edema and flow of exudite from the wound,  AquaCel AG Extra and ABD pads used underneath tube material to stabilize bandaging.

      I'm considering lymph node surger of some sort and wondered what characteristics make a candidate for successful surgery?

    • Nov 2019

      1. the cause of lymphedema: secondary better than primary
      2. no or minimal damage to venous system. may need evaluation by vascular surgeon
      3. Extent of the fat deposition and tissue fibrosis: less the better
      4. BMI< 35
      5. general health condition
      6. motivated and compliant patient

      These are some but not all. Usually, difficult to accurately predict in advance.

    Question (Wendy, ):
    • How important is the Lund Node Cystic Node in the Calot Triangle)? Having Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery soon. I understand that this lymph gland is used as a 'landlord's in surgery to prevent Bile Duct Injury (BDI), and usually removes the lymph gland when removing gallbladder. I have primary lymphedema.

    • Oct 2019


  29. Lymphedema back and upper right chest
    Question (Anna, ):
    • Hi I have just been diagnosed with lymphedema, I have a neurofibrome in the c6 part of the plexus brachial, operated on in 2013 but left in situ due to repurcussions if excised. I then had breast cancer, same side, had mastectomy, implant then explant and DIEP. 2017, 2018

      I have now developed lymphedema on my upper right chest inbetween the plexus brachial op site and the mastectomised breast and on the right side of my back.

      My question is this, is this normal and do you know of any other cases like mine as my health team here in France are confounded by the Lymphedema, it is causing breathlessness , fatigue etc and is becoming quite debilitating. 

      I only had the sentinel node and a couple others biopsied .

      Thank you

    • Sep 2019

      It is not uncommon to develop edema(“lymphedema”) in the area of back and Chestwall following mastectomy and especially after radiation.

      If you had DIEP flap, that often helps. Main management would be massaging.

  30. LVA and VLVT surgery
    Question (sherry, ):
    • Daughter had lymph nodes removed left groin (cancer surgery 4 years ago) and suffers lymphedema in left leg. Could she be a candidate for either of these surgeries, and where in Oregon/Washington could we get consult with certified surgeon that has been doing them?

    • Aug 2019

      Try University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Neligan

  31. Donating some lymph nodes
    Question (Nikki, ):
    • Is it possible if my mom find out that she has to remove her lymph node that I could donate some of mine to her

    • Jul 2019


  32. lymphedema and hyperbaric oxygen treatment
    Question (Hildegund, ):
    • Had mastectomy in 2006 followed by radiation, mild lymphedema rt trunk below axilla and rt arm. mbc with mets to neck, brachial plexus and thoracic spine. planning to do palliative radiation to thoracic spine mets. considering hyperbaric oxygen to mitigate radiation side effects cannot get answers if this feasible. Pleaseadvise.Thankyou.

    • Jun 2019

      The role of Hyperbaric oxygen for lymphedema is unclear.
      I would discuss with your oncologist whether Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is appropriate or safe oncologically.

  33. Vascular Ablation
    Question (Renee, ):
    • I have lymphedema and consulted a vascular surgeon. After performing an ultrasound on both legs advised that I have vascular reflux and recommended radiofrequency ablation. Is this safe for lymphedema and if performed would my limbs swell excessively?

    • May 2019

      Leg can swell due to lymphedema or venous problem or both. Make sure you get full vascular work up and also lymphoscintigraphy for accurate diagnosis before planning any surgery.

  34. LVA
    Question (Lisa, ):
    • I’ve had lymph node transplant and have seen noticeable improvement but I still swell. Can I still be a candidate for LVA?

    • May 2019

      if you have functioning lymphatic vessels left than they can be bypassed.
      This can be assessed with ICGN lymphography.

  35. Lymphedema surgery
    Question (Judith, ):
    • Husband had hernia surgery. Lymph nodes were removed to chk for cancer. That was negative. Developed large Lymphedema at the groin site. Has a drain outputting 400ml daily for several weeks. Surgeon could not leak site with the dye. Could you locate origin of leak and LVA . Can you offer any suggestions.

    • May 2019

      sounds like he has lymphocele.
      This can be managed in several ways. If the leak can be found that can be repaired. often difficult to find leak and this can managed by other means but doubt LVA would work.
      If he is willing to come to Chicago, happy to evaluate him.

  36. Lymphedema
    Question (Moira, ):
    • Had a total hysterectomy in July (including node biopsy) and have had very swollen feet and ankles ever since. Could I have lymphedema? Doc has not said much. Can’t seem to lose weight and am gaining.......

    • May 2019

      Yes, this can be lymphedema, but, of course, there are many other medical explanations that should be explored.

  37. Breast Lymphedema
    Question (Thomas, ):
    • My wife has severe breast lymphedema post lumpectomy/node removal. Her BMI is 48. Plastic surgeon recommends substantial breast reduction and said VLNT will not work. If we don't fix the core lymph problem, why won't the newly reconstructed breast simply fill up with lymph like her current breast?

    • Feb 2019

      1. Breast reduction maybe helpful but operating on tissue that has extensive lymphedema and is radiated can be difficult and could be prone to complications
      2. Many studies have shown that VLNT can be helpful in this setting
      3. BMI 48. I would recommend that she focus on reducing her BMI first before doing any surgery. There is no specific number but definitely below BMI of 40.
      4. Lymphedema massage of the breast tissues

  38. Venous Transfer Surgery
    Question (Mary, ):
    • Considering venous transfer surgery but not covered by insurance. Cost is $20K. Want to know in general or on average how successful this procedure is in controlling lower limb swelling and how long on average benefit lasts. Lot to spend out of pocket so weighing cost against benefit important!

    • Feb 2019

      Venous transfer surgery? I perform lymph node transfer and lymphovenous bypass

  39. outcomes for lymphedema venous bypass
    Question (Jana, ):
    • My insurance carrier has a policy of not covering lymphedema surgery, stating that the literature does not support the efficacy of the procedure. Can you provide any literature to support that this is a medically appropriate procedure or provide clinical outcomes? Thank you

    • Jan 2019

      There are extensive publications that support the efficacy of these procedures. Sometimes it requires your surgeon to have peer to peer discussion with a medical director of the insurance provider and also provide them with the publications.

  40. Omentum transfer
    Question (Brenda, ):
    • I am considering an omentum transfer if I am a candidate. I am not sure if the benefits involved with this surgery outweigh the risks. How common is this surgery for lymphodema and how risky is it?

    • Jan 2019

      I personally don’t do omentum transfer but there are many surgeons who do.
      There are pros and cons to each approach. Make sure that you discuss pros and cons of all options with your surgeon before making the decision.

  41. LVB Surgery
    Question (Ahmed, ):
    • Hello Doctor, i am interested to have lymphovenous bypass surgery, but i came to know that most of cases develop swelling again after around one year, how can i know whether swelling will be back or not. Please advise why don't recommend complete decongestive therapy prior to lymphovenous bypass

    • Jan 2019

      All my patients do complete decongestive therapy prior to lymphovenous bypass surgery(LVB).
      While LVB can be helpful, it is not a cure and patients need and should continue to manage their existing lymphedema with CDT, weight control etc, otherwise swelling can and will return. With care and compliance, many of my patients do experience long term benefit of LVB.

  42. Mary J
    Question (Mary, ):
    • I just had a total hysterectomy in early November. The surgeon removed 17 lymph nodes which were all negative. I am currently getting 28 days of pelvic radiation. I am worried about getting lymphedema. Should i see a doctor knowledgeable about this in advance to help prevent getting it?

    • Jan 2019

      perhaps best to see a lymphedema therapist to get a jump start on exercises, garments etc.

  43. Lower leg pain
    Question (Dana, ):
    • Hello, I have suffered for over 10 years. I had compartment syndrome in both legs twice I have the surgery. Not one doctor here can tell me what is wrong.why my legs will swelled c/color hurt and After watching Dr. Phil I Thought could it be from the compartment syndrome?

    • Jan 2019

      If you suffered from compartment syndrome, you may have chronic damage to soft tissues and other structures in your leg. You should discuss with your primary care physician for further evaluation and studies.

  44. Lymph nodes transplant
    Question (Ghada, ):
    • I very got lymphdema in my hand and fingers since 2 months as a result of left breast cancer mastectomy, there were 20 nodes removed I started to face it just aftery radiation finished, l just read about the transplant surgery, is it possible and doable operation, can't stand my life with the lymphdema and I would risk anything to get cured. Please advice doctor.

    • Jul 2018

      Lymph node transfer is one of the surgical options that may help with lymphedema. I would advice that you visit with a surgeon who have experience in lymphatic surgery to evaluate your situation and discuss options.

  45. Bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate Apex/DIEP Reconstruction
    Question (Sherry, ):
    • I had bilateral mastectomy with immediate APEX/DIEP Flap reconstruction 6.5 years ago, I have always have a thickening, swelling pain in the armpit area. I thought (foolishly, I guess) that because I only had my sentinel node removed, and doctors bandaged the arm in which the sentinel node was to be removed from that I would be somehow immune from getting lymphedema. Well it has been getting worse. Now the entire armpit area, side of the breast, up and around the shoulder area, the bicep and now moving down to the hand, has a weird heaviness feeling, burning like pain, swelling but not in the arm that I can see, top of the breast area has a tight pulling feeling and the lower neck (right at the collarbone area) area at times feels like I have a tight necklace on, bad thing I don't wear a necklace. I go to a Physical Therapist on the 16th to do test to see if it is actually lymphedema. Is there anything I should be doing in the interim? I know you cannot diagnose without seeing it first but your best guess would be awesome. Thank you

    • Aug 2018

      Clinically, sounds like you have lymphedema.
      You may consider lymphoscintigraphy to confirm.


  46. APEX/DIEP Flap
    Question (Sherry, ):
    • in 2011 I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate APEX/DIEP Flap reconstruction. I have always have a thickening, swelling pain in the armpit area. I thought (foolishly) that because I only had my sentinel node removed I would be somehow immune from getting lymphedema. Well it has been getting worst. Now the entire armpit area, side of the breast, up and around the shoulder area, the bicep and now moving down to the hand, has a weird heaviness feeling, burning like pain, swelling but not in the arm that I can see, top of the breast area has a tight pulling feeling and the lower neck area at times feels like my necklace is tight, bad thing I don't wear a necklace, I went to the breast specialist and was told they would refer me to a PT specialist but they didn't think it was lymphedema at all. Should I just not worry or should I pursue other avenues.

    • Aug 2018

      You can get lymphedema even after removal of just sentinel nodes.
      Clinically it sounds like you have lymphedema.
      You ca get lymphoscintigraphy to confirm but probably not necessary.

  47. Primary lymphedema
    Question (Sue, ):
    • My 30 year old son has severe lymphedema in both legs and has been told he has no lymphatic channel in one leg. Would liposuction be sensible for him, and also what does node transplant entail ? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aug 2018

      liposuction can be helpful especially if his lymphedema has significant fat component.  Lymph node transfer involve transferring health lymph nodes from elsewhere in the body to the area of lymphedema. usually requires microsurgery.

  48. Protocol for surgery on affected limb
    Question (Diana, ):
    • I have lymphedema of the right arm. My right hand needs extensive surgery for severe Dupeydren's. What should I do pre-surgery to protect my lymphedema? Should I wear kinesio tape or bandaging during the surgery? Should I be bandaged directly following the surgery? Thank you, Dr. Rockson. And thank you for all you do for patients with lymphedema.

  49. Howard Gerhardt
    Question (Howard, ):
    • Dr Dayan, I am a 52 year old male living with primary lymphedema on my right side. Complete right side from head to toe. I have been to many doctors over the years and have pretty much given up on treatment besides compression, massage, pumps etc. Recently I have been made aware of a more current surgery and wonder if this may be something that could help me. Any advice you may have would be great. Thank you. Howard

  50. Patient
    Question (Michael, ):
    • I have had primary in right leg for near 50 years. About 3+ years ago after a nurse used unapproved later found out laser device several timesI started swelling right side and now into chest area also. Biopsy done right grown January 1973 and told it was chronic lymph disease. Over the years have had all treatment available including lymph air pressure machine, lymph drainage etc. Question: Can I be a candidate for lymph node transplant and what do I need to do to determine since there is limited information and no one doing that in AZ. Are their any trials (transplant) that I could participate in? I am 65 years old and more than basic knowledge of Milroy disease)Lymphedema praecox (Meige disease) Michael

    • May 2015

      Thank you for your question. you have a very long history of lymphedema.
      It would be useful to get lymphoscintigraphy to assess your lymphatic function. Most hospitals with nuclear medicine department can do it.
      Helpful to know your height and weight. any history of venous or vascular problems? Any other health issues, medications?
      You could potentially be a candidate for lymph node transfer or lymphovenous bypass or both.