Walk, run or stroll - you choose the location - from your backyard to the treadmill-anywhere! Don't miss out on being part of the community taking action to cure lymphatic diseases! There is still time to donate. Watch the live broadcast of LE&RN's 2023 Global Virtual Run/Walk to Fight Lymphatic Diseases Livestream on Saturday, April 22 at 12:00 pm ET. Watch live at lymphwalk.org!

Below you will find acceptance speeches of LE&RN's extraordinary 2023 #LymphWalk honorees! They are working hard to make the world a better place for people living with a lymphatic disease.

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Acceptance Speeches

Aurora Xinyi Liu - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
International Advocate

Michael Masters - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
Visionary Award

Dale Dirks - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
Leadership in Governmental Affairs Award

Linda B. Rosenthal - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
Leadership in Political Advocacy

Kari Formsma - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
Courage Award

Max Itkin, MD - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
Nobility in Medical and Scientific Achievement

Steve Guttenberg - 2023 #LymphWalk Honoree
Voice of Change Award

Zac Berger - 2023 #LymphWalk Host


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