Lymphatic-Vascular Disease: Diagnosis & Treatment

Originally Presented July 21, 2018

LE&RN is proud to offer this groundbreaking seminar: Lymphatic-Vascular Disease: Diagnosis & Treatment, in association with Lymphedema Seminars. This seminar took place in 2018 and is intended for physicians who need to diagnose and/or treat patients with lymphedema and/or lipedema.

Up to 10 million Americans are estimated to suffer from lymphedema with an additional 17 million women in America estimated to have lipedema. Yet, many patients with these diseases struggle to find physicians who are prepared to undertake their necessary medical care. Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to recognize the physical, imaging, and laboratory findings relevant to a lymphedema or lipedema diagnosis; compare and contrast the available therapies for lymphedema and lipedema; and diagnose potential candidates for lymphatic surgery.

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