Springfield , Michigan

I was told about a year and a half ago that I have lymphedema. At first they thought my legs reduce swelling and they did surgery on the front and backs of my legs and when that didn't work or take the swelling down and they put me on compression stockings and lasix that's when they told me I had somebody Mia they never told me anything about the disease they didn't tell me there wasn't a cure they didn't tell me that this wouldn't go away didn't tell me I would be living with this for life and where's the ball is that the compression machines that are for lymphedema you are not covered under my insurance this is a debilitating disease it can take people's legs arms but the insurance company won't cover the compression machines that we so badly need I am 43 years old I'm almost six foot tall it's in both of my lower legs and feet I've had to go up in a bigger size in shoes I will never be able to wear shorts again I will never be able to wear capris or dresses again I am stuck to either sweatpants are jeans I spend a lot of time in the house unless the swelling went down for a while because of the embarrassment people talking wondering what's wrong with me some people just think I'm obese they don't realize I have a disease. I'm asking for help we do have lymphedema you need the machines with the compression that we need to help with this until they come up with a cure they would deny a cancer patient so why should they denied us. Please I'm begging.