Middletown, CT

My story begins at age 15. My legs were constantly swollen. After numerous trips to doctors, including a venogram, a kidney biopsy, being on water pills for years, no one had a diagnosis. I moved from PA to CT. I finally went to a doctor in Hartford who specializes in problems with the legs. He diagnosed me with primary lymphedema (born with it). I went to a lemphedema therapist for 6 weeks and they worked miracles with massage therapy. I didn't know I had a real shape to my legs. I have also received therapy locally and it has helped, but due to insurance reasons, this cannot go on indefinitely. I won't wear dresses, shorts or capris because I'm embarrassed by my legs. I also at one point had cephalitis and almost lost my left leg and was bedridden for six months and had to receive heparin shots so I wouldn't develop blood clots from being bedridden. I was told there was a surgery where they cut down the back of your legs which leaves a permanent scar all the way down. No way. My legs ache all the time. Can't somebody come up with a cure? Please!!!