Dubai, United Arab Emirates

First of all I am Kenyan, living and working in Dubai. I saw Kathy Bates on The Doctors show and tried to understand what she's talking about and thats when I realised I have lymphedema of which I have never been diagnosed despite visits at the hospitals in Kenya as well as Dubai. Simply because they didn't know what it is exactly, I was only given compression socks. I have been having my left leg swollen since 2003 and since then my life has changed. Being a single mum of two girls, the bills were too high for me and I couldn't manage to visit doctors again since 2006. I am living with the disease and had come to terms with the problem, knowing it can't be cured but now I realize am not alone and I thank The Doctors for bringing up Kathy Bates' story, which has made me have hope of getting healed someday and the generation to come. I know women in Kenya have it but nobody talks about it at all. I hope someday I will be cured. Thanks The Doctors and Kathy Bates for the awareness.