Glen Begin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

After seeing many doctors and specialists from age 24-26, I was told I was born with lymphedema.

I have to custom-make everything that I wear for clothing and shoes too. My lymphedema is mostly in my legs. I have open wounds on both legs and there have been times I have been sent to the ER for "weeping," which is where the lymphatic fluid seeps through the skin. In my case, it has streamed out of a couple of small holes in the back of my legs. The skin stretches and tears on the bottom of my feet because of the excessive swelling and I can't walk sometimes because of this.

I have had many cellulitis skin infections and have been to the hospital many times for this condition. I need wraps and compression garments, but cannot afford them since I am currently living on disability from the government and Medicare only covers 80% of physical therapy and nothing else. Custom-fit "Ready Wrap" garments cost $1200.00 per garment and the shoes I wear are $200.00 a pair and only come in one style like leather dress shoes. Medicare does not cover anything for lymphedema care. I need help with money and purchasing garments or it's left untreated and this condition just gets worse over time and left untreated will turn into elephantitus. Also see National Lymphedema Network for more info. Would like to try the Gerson Therapy ( to try and cure this condition but it's too expensive out of pocket expense just like everything else for it. I just grin and bare it mostly.