westland, Michigan

At the age of 12, I developed Lymphedema. At the time I was living in California and I believe I caught it from a parasite infection. It started in my lower foot and ankle then went to my right foot. I was scared and unaware. I told my Mom. She took me to the doctor where they performed several tests and scans then diagnosed me and told me there is no cure. At 12 it was hard dealing with something like this, so embarrassing and at a very young age.

Throughout my years growing up I never allowed this to ruin my life or hurt me/ I still engage in the activities I have once before. I will say I had my moments where I felt disappointed that I could not wear the shoes I would like. Now I'm 31 years old and it has been 19 years since living with this condition. I have been eating healthier and exercising more and doing mediation to help maintain this. I am now seeing a therapist specializing in Lymphedema and I know and still believe that I will be cure. It is not the easiest but I am adjusting yo my new lifestyle and I am happy to share my story.