Angie Honeycutt

Orange , Texas

I started out with Lymphedema in my right leg in 1997 due to a radical hysterectomy because I had cervical cancer. Doctor removed 16 lymph nodes on my right side of my pelvic and and seven on my left. I underwent radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The swelling started almost a year after my surgery in 1996. No doctors at the hospital I was at knew anything about this all seemed puzzled said they heard and saw pictures but didn’t seem To bothered. I had a wonderful, beautiful, caring social worker who sought help for me at Herman Hospital wound care bariatric center. They sent MlD therapist to me showing me how to care for my leg. I’ve been wrapping every night and wear compression hose for the past 21 years. In 2014 swelling started in my left leg. Now I have bilateral Lymphedema and I have had my share of cellulitis. It has been a hard grueling journey but if it hadn’t have been for my Lord and Savior I can’t imagine where I’d be. My family and friends and my church has been my biggest support. I have had some great doctors but I believe if they were well educated on this disease there could be more done. I hope and pray for a cure to help all those who suffer with this debilitating disease. The older I get the harder it does seem to get. God bless all of you and I have hope because of the voice you all have been given to help those with Lymphedema.