Thika, Kiambu, Kenya

Hi, I am Anne Kimani, 49 years old, and from Kenya.

I was diagnosed with lymphedema of the right leg in 2003. Unfortunately, in this part of the world, most people, including a number of doctors, do not seem to understand much about this condition.

Sometimes the pain is unbearable we with a lot of burning sensations besides the heaviness. This has made my life a nightmare especially with my working environment. My employer has subjected me to a harsh working environment from what l believe is lack of understanding about the condition. Despite many medical reports from senior medical consultants advising my employer to change my working circumstances and take me to an easily BV accessible workstation my employer has refused to respond. Walking and driving have now become very challenging with degeneration of joints of the affected leg. I am forced to do more than 76 kilometres every day to work yet this could be reduced to 8 if only my employer listened to the doctor's advice.

At times it gets very frustrating as l have to see a doctor every week and currently living on analgesics to ease my pain. It's my hope that the campaign on lymphedema will reach to my employer and help them listen to my distress. I am encouraged to move on!