Bakersfield, Ca

My husband Jack has lymphedema.

In 2011 we noticed that his legs would swell up a little then go down, causing some discomfort but he still managed to walk around. As the days, months, and years passed, his swelling got worse. When we asked our doctor about the swelling. He was a little shocked at how swollen his right leg was. My husband explained he wanted answers because it went from a little discomfort to being unbearable. The doctor said he would run tests. He ran all the tests and ruled out diabetes blockage. But still no answers.

In 2016, my husband almost died and now my husband is still dealing with this. While in the hospital they thought he had an infection in his leg. After that surgery, we were dealing with an open wound due to lymphedema. On top of that, my husband needs certain care. No lymphedema therapies treatments in Bakersfield and we need help. From a perfectly fine person to a depressed one at times dealing with something his doctor at the time that should have taken better care of my husband. Help.