Rhonda Law

Murfreesboro, TN

When I get down or am in lots of pain, I write poetry to cope. HOW DARE YOU How dare you say I’m weak, That I should “walk it off”, That I’m lazy, worthless or hopeless, How dare you look, point and laugh, Stare at me with pity, disgust or disdain, How dare you ignore me, Thinking “it’s all for attention”, That I would be crying if I hurt that bad, How dare you say I should lose weight, Or, try harder, do more, or push further, How dare you! How little you know, Your ignorance is astounding, Have you asked me what’s wrong? Tried to understand my conditions, Or, Just assumed I’m this way, ‘Cause it’s my fault, That I deserve this pain, That I caused my body to be broken, That I complain for your pity. There is pity, It’s pity for you! For your lack of compassion, empathy and love, I pity you for your hardened heart. You see, I’m the strong one, For pushing through all this pain, I’m the one with the most hope, For, I would have died long ago without hope, I feel sorry for you, Knowing you with your small mind, Could never feel as deeply blessed and strong as I, For your lack of compassion weakens you, You could never walk in my shoes, My shoes are filled with pain, Pain that I didn’t cause or deserve, Pain which is too real, not imagined, Pain that makes me feel tired, Raging emotions and feeling “done” at times, And, so very alone, Plagued with a body others find repulsive, A body which cycles ailments and conditions, Leaving me spent and in more pain, So, until you can grow up and treat me better, With the understanding, compassion and love I deserve, Don’t ask that I care what think of me, Because I am above you in life, My pain taught me to offer, Compassion, love, hope, faith, And, for you, forgiveness. By: Rhonda Law