I have been diagnosed with lymphedema,and lipedema. Lipedema is a chronic medical condition characterized by a symmetric buildup of adipose tissue (fat) in the legs and arms. The adipose tissue is different from regular fat. It is immune to diet and exercise. Lipedema is usually confused with regular obesity and lymphedema. I am glad I received a diagnosis in 2016. I have had swollen legs and thighs all my life which and always felt like it was my fault, especially when puberty hit, my lipedema progressed even more then. I am glad that I have the knowledge of my two conditions. I have taken my health into my own hands and haven't allowed my two conditions to stop me from enjoying life. My lipedema in my arms and thighs have progressed a bit more, but I am thankful to God that I am still mobile. Just remember to have faith, educate yourself on your condition(s), and focus on living a healthy and happy life.