Richmond, Virginia

Three years ago, at the age of 26, I noticed a lump on my neck that slowly started increasing in size. I went to three or four different doctors who all thought it had something to do with a clogged lymph-node. It continued to grow and felt squishy so I had it drained countless times, but it would come back after about two to three months. After about a year of searching for answers, I was finally diagnosed with LM. Since then, I have had three procedures of sclerotherapy, two with bleomycin and the most recent with doxycycline. With the bleomycin, I havent really had much luck...it has come back after about 6 to 8 months. A week and a half ago, I tried the doxycycline and I am currently waiting for it to decrease back in size. It has been quite a wild ride, but I send vibes to anyone and everyone who has to deal with LM. It isn't easy, but hopefully something will be found to cure it.