lahore, pakistan, Pakistan

i was 17 years old giving my annual exams in Saudi Arabia and was packing my stuff to move from KSA to Pakistan. One day in morning I woke up and saw my foot swelled just thought its gonna go as its not a big deal I was so busy with exams and packing my stuff that I forgot to go to the doctor. After some weeks, I came Pakistan and went to multiple doctors. Some referred me to go to others. I was frustrated. Swelling was increasing day by day. It affected my studies a lot. My mental health was down. After a whole year of this, I failed my annual exams because of lack of motivation and confidence. And every other day it was a new doctor. I was at the lowest point of my life and got no support. The problem was that no one had enough knowledge about it and the lack of awareness. Everybody told me it's permanent. It distracted from a lot of things. I even stopped meeting anyone but now gradually I am trying to accept it. I started my studies again and am trying to control it from compression. Things were hard for a teenager and an insecure girl to accept this change in her. I hope everybody still feels confident the way they are.