Diane Hamby

Summerville, SC

I have been suffering from edema, cellulitis, and now lymphedema since 2013. It is depressingly painful every day. I deal with it but the inflammation is worsening. I have open cysts on my ankles that are taken care of at the Wound Center. l have a nurse who comes to see me twice a week to keep the sores clean and infection clean. My question to you is how come there are.no stretchy socks and shoes we can wear in comfort? I've been to all the shoe places.and got prices.and got measured but they are huge ugly hard shoes that Shrek would wear. You would think by now they would make stretchable slippers..socks n shoes. We are not people who just want to be stared at and laughed at. No, we want to be active as.much as possible and feel confident again. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Diane Hamby