Holly Schmidt


I have dealt with lymphedema since the onset of puberty. My legs swell everyday. I wake up on good days and I can see my ankle bones. By noon they are both so swollen I sometimes can't put on shoes. I have gone to the Mayo Clinic and to many other doctors. One doctor told me I just had fat ankles. I've literally lost 14 lbs in just a few days after eating ham on Easter one year. I walk a lot to try to keep the lymphatic system going. While at the Mayo they did a dye test and discovered the lymph nodes in my ankles are all blocked. They said my heart is pushing the fluid out correctly, but the lymphatic system in my legs is not pushing the fluid back up. I've tried compression stockings and ted socks. I'm only 53. I have been dealing with this since I was 11. The stares, the embarrassment. It's devastating. I work in a nursing Home and have an amazing support group of women in my department. But, I would love to wear the cute dresses. I would love to not be gawked at for wearing capris. The pain at night when the swelling goes down sucks. It all sucks. Finding this page is amazing. Thank you, Holly