I am 32 years old and about 8 years ago I noticed swelling in my left foot. I thought it was an injury from spin class so I went to the podiatrist that sent me for an MRI that determined I had a pinched nerve but pinched nerves do not cause swelling. She did some steroid injections and also put me on steroids to see if that would help. She then explained to me that it had to be lymphatic fluid so she sent me to a vascular doctor. Prior to this, I had already been to the Heart Place where I was told there was nothing wrong with my heart or veins. The new vascular doctor treated me for CVI in both legs even though the right leg has never been a problem. Even after the CVI treatment, I am still having swelling from the left knee down. The vascular dr. told me "it's probably lymphedema" but couldn't tell what the cause was. I am still in disbelief that this is the final answer for me. I would think that after all this time, my leg should be worse? Or, maybe I should just be thankful, it's not. I do have plans to see 2 more vascular doctors to get more opinions on what could be. In the mornings, the swelling is minimal but by noon there is tightness and tingling which can be very uncomfortable and has also made me very self-conscious about what I wear. I try to wear compression socks when I can but I have an office job where I want to wear skirts and dresses without having a compression sock on. A lot of times, when I'm at my desk, I put them on and if I have to go into the public, I take them off. I have also gotten a standing desk that helps some. I am also trying different supplements on Amazon to see if that can help flush out the fluid. But really, I am still hoping and praying that some thing else can be the reason for this and it can be fixed. I am also hoping that the future of Lymphedema will be curable and much more manageable. It really is traumatizing to not know the future for my leg. It is extremely difficult to stay positive even with anti-depressants but I am trying to enjoy myself while I still have a normal-ish size leg.