Carter J.

Stevens Point, WI

HI, I have been living with Lymphedema for 56 years. I was diagnosed when I was 11 years old in 1965. At the time it was dominate in my left leg. When I left the Children's Memorial Hospital, after 5 weeks of tests, they told me the blood clots in my left leg were caused by Lymphedema. When I arrived at the Hospital my temperature was over 106 with unbearable pain in my leg. I was told at the time I left the Hospital there was no cure. They also told me I had a bone problem in that same leg they could not explain. I was told by a very good Doctor, maybe someday they would find a cure. I was told to wear a compression garment on my left leg, hopefully, to control the swelling and blood clots. He also told me to do anything/everything I wanted to do except, no contact sports. I lived my life mostly, by his words. Over the years the Lymphedema has entered my left arm and left chest. Every garment over the years was an out of pocket expense. Thousands of dollars never reimbursed by insurance. I will have to end there. I know there are many other people that have the same problem and my heart goes out to them. Carter J.