Greenville, OH

Recent diagnosis. I am over 2 years out from left mastectomy and diep flap reconsrtruction. My arm began to really hurt after Covid in Nov 2020. I went rounds of Dr's visits, 2 TIA admission to hospital for both times. Saw orthopedic for shoulder pain, 2 steroid injections and second one helped. I then followed up with Plastic Surgeon and they suggested therapy on my swollen arm. Therapist measured and said it is at Stage 2 Lymphedema. I did 5 weeks of therapy and during this time these nodules showed up on arm. I was referred to oncologist who sent me for ultrasound which came back normal. I still have them and have been there for 2 months now. My oncologist said if still there in Sept she will investigate further but was honest to say she does not know what they are from or what is causing them. My reconstructed side is all swollen including under arm and shoulder area. I have googled so much and it is overwhelming.