Ballston Lake, NY

I had bilateral knee replacement surgeries in 2008 and 2010, I believe. I am 66.6 years old and retired. My cardiologist referred me to someone for diagnosis/treatment that was in 2012. I have multiple health issues. I'm having my left hip replaced on 4/27/2015. My right hip will be replaced at another time. I have been losing weight because I have sleep apnea and to wear compression stocking panty hose would be too much for me to handle. I am a survivor twice of domestic violence. My daughter is in a volatile relationship 13+ years. I am receiving counseling over the phone from Mother Curtin - who leads "Healing A Woman's Soul," dedicated to the victims of this horrendous issue. I survived a ruptured appendix that was removed 5 days after the actual rupture took place. I am blessed in so many ways. I have my faith, and belong to a wonderful Church. I was a Lay Eucharistic Minister, but unable to do that now because of back/hip problems. I am a Choir member of my Church for @ 12+ years or so. I just learned by watching this episode with actor Kathy Bates, how this effects your life. I have errands to do and this disease makes me exhausted. I pray every day. I am so thankful for Kathy Bates revealing this. There is so much to learn about living with lymphedema.