Europe Centers for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases


Center or Program Name:    Center for Vascular Malformations

Hospital Affiliation:               Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

Address:                                 Av. Hippocrate 10

Town/City:                              Brussels

Country:                                 Belgium

Zip code:                                1200

Phone:                                     003227641425



The Center for Vascular Anomalies at Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels Belgium takes care of a whole variety of pathologies within the field of Vascular anomalies including various types of primary pediatric and adult lymphedemas, such as Nonne-Milroy disease (ORPHA79452), Lymphedema (ORPHA79383), Meige disease (ORPHA90186), Lymphedema distichiasis syndrome (ORPHA33001), Emberger syndrome (ORPHA3226), Hennekam syndrome (ORPHA2136), Generalised lymphatic dysplasia, Multi-systemic lymphedema with systemic involvement and

Syndromes associated with lymphedema: Noonan/CFC syndrome (RASOpathies) (ORPHA648), Turner syndrome (ORPHA881), 22q13 microdeletion (ORPHA48652), Microcephaly with or without Chorioretinopathy, Lymphedema and Mental Retardation (MCLMR)(ORPHA2526).

The Vascular Malformations Centre is a recognized center of excellence at national and international level. The Center accounts about 2000 annual consultations. The Center also receives many requests for advice for patients worldwide.



Center or Program Name:      Feldbergklinik Dr. Asdonk

Hospital Affiliation:                 Clinic specialized in Lymphology

Address:                                  Todtmooser Str. 48

Town/City:                                St. Blasien

Country:                                   Germany

Zip code:                                  79837

Phone:                                      0049 7672 484 0



The Feldbergklinik Dr. Asdonk in the heart of the black forest in Germany is the oldest clinic in the world specialized in treating lymphedemas and malfunction of the lymphatic system. It provides 66 beds. Spoken languages are German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Rumanian


Center or Program Name:           Seeklinik Zechlin

Hospital Affiliation:                     Clinic specialized in Lymphology

Address:                                      Obere Braminseestr. 22

Town/City:                                    Dorf Zechlin

Country:                                       Germany

Zip code:                                      16837

Phone:                                          0049 33923 89 0



 The See klinik Zechlin in Germany is the first clinic in the new states of Germany specialized in treating lymphedemas and malfunction of the lymphatic system. It provides 125 beds. Spoken languages are German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Rumanian



Center or Program Name:   Department of Plastic Surgery, Medical School:                                   

School:                                  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Hospital Affiliation:              Papageorgiou General Hospital

Address:                               Periferiaki Odos Neas Efkarpias

Town/City:                            Thessaloniki

​Country:                                Greece

Zip code:                               56403

Phone:                                  +30 2313323838, +30 2313323707



In our Department (15 beds), both primary and secondary lymphedema cases are treated. Autologous lymph-node-transfers, lymphatico-venous anastomoses and debulking procedures are performed upon indication; in breast-cancer lymphedema patients, lymphatic surgery is combined to breast reconstructive procedures (>40 microsurgical reconstructions/year). Specialized physiotherapists take over conservative therapy. 

Professor E. Demiri (Head) and Assist. Professor D.Dionyssiou, certified Partners of the European School of Lymphatic Diseases, are in charge of the Lymphedema Outpatients Clinics (held at weekly basis), research studies and educational activities related to lymphedema. 


United Kingdom

Center or Program Name:         Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema specialist clinic

Hospital Affiliation:                    St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Address:                                     Blackshaw Road

Town/City:                                  London

Country:                                     UK

Zip code:                                   SW17 0QT

Phone:                                      +44 20 8725 1784



Lymphoedema is poorly recognised and frequently managed by non-specialist doctors.  We are one of the few centres in the world that specialise in the management of these complex conditions. We have 17 years experience in the diagnosis and management of paediatric and primary lymphoedema.   The clinic provides a multidisciplinary approach with geneticists, dermatologists, lymphoedema and MLD  therapists.  We provide treatment  both centrally and in collaboration with local therapists.  We are world leaders in discovering the genetic causes of these conditions.

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