Introduction to Chapters

Introduction to Chapters

Introduction to Starting a LE&RN Chapter

Welcome Advocates!

Thank you for your interest in starting a LE&RN Chapter. This is an introduction designed for advocates who want to join us in the fight against lymphatic diseases (LD) such as lymphedema (LE) and lipedema (LI), and lymphatic malformation (LM), and create change in your community. The LE&RN Chapters started as a grass-roots effort in 2015. People with lymphatic diseases and those who love them began banding together to reduce the isolation caused by the disease. They recognized their right to find proper treatment and to help one another locate the care they need. It was also time to affect public policy and advocate for the research funding needed to the discovery of the treatments and cures of tomorrow.

Accelerate our Mission with “Boots on the Ground”

Inspired by the activism of lymphatic disease advocates, LE&RN embraced the challenge to partner with motivated leaders across the world. Chapters were created to help connect and empower these activists. The mission was clear: eliminate the isolation of people fighting these diseases; help people find the services they need locally; impact government laws and research funding to the benefit of our cause; and strive together to raise the awareness of lymphatic diseases into a global movement.

Goals and Bylaws

The goals of the Chapters are within LE&RN’s mission statement 1) To form a supportive network 2) To research and share local resources and LE&RN’s information and 3) To fundraise by way of educational and awareness events and by promoting Supporting Memberships to build a strong lymphatic community. The process starts with your commitment, followed by a conversation with LE&RN about your goals. After a review of the Chapter bylaws, you are ready to partner with LE&RN in charting a course in your region.

Initiatives and Activities

LE&RN  and Chapter Chairs work together in a shared mission. Here is a list of some activities pursued by Chapters:

  • Organize supportive network meetings
  • Promote education by sharing LE&RN's website and informational materials.
  • Host educational events on World Lymphedema Day (WLD).
  • Maintain an active Facebook Page to expand your reach and promote LE&RN’s initiatives and activities.
  • Assemble committees to plan fundraising events and membership drives.
  • Educate local legislators and national politicians on issues and bills key to the success of our mission.

Become an Activist!

A movement has begun and every advocate has an opportunity to make our mission a global priority. You can:

  • Join us for our annual Lobby Day in Washington DC
  • Contact your local or state legislature to proclaim March 6th as World Lymphedema Day
  • Under LE&RN’s guidance get an educational bill passed in your state mirroring the groundbreaking bill passed in NY State.


Chapters are teams of like-minded individuals. Chapters includes people living with lymphatic diseases along with their friends, family members, therapists and doctors. A Chapter typically starts with one or two motivated leaders who may become Chapter Co-Chairs. Prior to launching a Chapter we advise recruiting other Supporting Members to help fulfill the Chapters objectives.

Is this for you? Contact us!

Now that you are ready to be a pioneer in your community by starting a LE&RN Chapter, contact us by email. Let us know your interests and goals and where you would like to start a Chapter. We look forward to hearing from you.