Zvornik, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hello. My son Dušan was born with lymphedema on the dorsum of both feet. After a month of his birth, I noticed an island on his feet. Doctors could not diagnose him 8 months ago, so they sent us to a doctor in another country, where he was diagnosed with hereditary lymphedema. And his therapy is a lymphatic drainage and compression stockings.We have not yet acquired the elastic socks, because in our country we are not able to find a doctor that takes measures and ordered socks. So you'll have to travel back to another country to a doctor who specializes in the sale of elastic stockings. Lymphatic drainage was very helpful, the island it has substantially decreased, and I hope that his socks will help even more.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you my story. It is very difficult when you do not have in their country with anyone to share my story because I still have not found a family that is struggling with the same problem as myself.