Julie Abernathy

China Grove , NC

Two years after my stage 4 bread cancer, my arm and legs swelled so bad, I could not walk well or even pick up items with my affected arm. I was diagnosed with lymphedema and lipedema in both legs and left arm. I was treated by a wonderful therapist that had training in Chicago and in Germany -- a rare find in a small town! I was measured for garments and set up with a pump I have to use daily. I went three years and bone cancer came back in three places. So did the lymphedema. I returned to therapy. I had to do the wraps for two months. I have a new pump that I use at night. I have daytime and nighttime garments I have to wear, just to maintain the disease. My life has changed. And not for the best. It is a daily challenge. The weight gain is horrible!! Staying positive is hard. Thank you for this awareness!!