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A letter to the American Medical Association (AMA) from Eva Fink

As a result of my 2015 breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent chemo, surgery (double mastectomy), and radiation, I now have major lymphedema in my chest. Having it in the chest is not very common and I cannot find much information about it. My lymphatic system is blocked and I have constant swelling and pain. I see a lymphedema therapist, wear a compression garment, do daily chest and arm exercises and I’m on a Paleo diet, all in an attempt to get some relief. I’ve been doing this for almost one year and do not feel any relief!

I’m writing to you, in the hopes someone will listen and realize the need for MEDICAL DOCTORS who specialize in the lymphatic system! It’s a very important system in your body! From what I understand, medical students get only 15-30 minutes of lymphedema information, that’s it! Maybe that’s why oncologists blow you off when they realize you have it. They know nothing about it except to write a prescription for a lymphedema therapist.

Please assist in getting lymphedema the attention it needs in the medical community, studied in medical schools, etc. Too many people are suffering!!!

Thank you,
Eva Fink
Brighton MI