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A letter to the American Medical Association (AMA) from Dr. Sheri Prentiss

Subject: MILLIONS of People living/suffering with lymphedema need YOUR HELP!!!

Dear Dr. Madara,

My name is Dr. Sheri Prentiss and I was a successful practicing physician, overseeing the Occupational Medicine and Employee Health Departments of the largest healthcare system in Illinois when a diagnosis of lymphedema completely disrupted my entire life. Breast cancer treatment left me disabled from lymphedema in my right upper extremity, stripping me of my life-long dream of being a practicing physician. I was subsequently terminated from my executive management position, while on FMLA during physical therapy for the treatment of my lymphedema and I had to completely reinvent myself after 16 years of clinical practice.

I went on to become a best-selling author and highly sought after physician leader, but my journey was not without its challenges. Lymphedema was a secondary blow to my physical and emotional well-being. I wondered if I would never be able to get on with my life. I experienced high levels of psychological, social, sexual, and functional morbidity. Witnessing the disparity among African American women with this disease, I created a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the LIVE Today Foundation, Inc. which provides free compression garments to under-resourced cancer survivors living with lymphedema and I support other grassroots organizations, like LERN that are making an impact in the lives of individuals with this disease.

We need your help, your voice, and your commitment. With the proper safeguards, testing, and monitoring we can make secondary chronic debilitating lymphedema related to cancer treatment a condition of the past but the healthcare industry needs to be fully aware of the consequences of this disease and fully educated on the costs--both direct and indirect, the associated morbidity, and the implications of nontreatment.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dr. Sheri Y. Prentiss, MD, MPH, CPS/A, CPE, FACPE. CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™
LIVE-Today Foundation, Inc.
Founder & President