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The Power of One: A Teenager From China Leads the Way in the Fight Against LE

The Power of One: A Teenager From China Leads the Way in the Fight Against LE

Photo: Aurora Liu (center) and friends with the Red Cross Society of China distributing lymphedema handbooks

One of most gratifying aspects of my role at LE&RN is getting to meet incredible people from around the world who show remarkable dedication, ingenuity, and brilliance on behalf of the fight against lymphatic diseases.

Today, I am grateful for meeting Aurora Liu, an eleventh-grade high school student in Beijing. Beginning in 2021, she started a program in cooperation with the China Red Cross Foundation to design, print, and distribute 10,000 copies of China’s first “Lymphedema Protection Manual.” This is being distributed to hospitals across the country.

Aurora was inspired by her mother. “She was the initial point for me to start this program,” Aurora said. “I saw the difficult process my mom fought with lymphedema and the lack of attention paid to such a common disease. I thought it was meaningful to use my own power and the way of social welfare to fix a social blank spot.”

And so, she has. First, by having distributed over 5,000 booklets to date. And now, she says, “I plan to make a documentary film to analyze lymphedema as a social problem in China. I would focus on two aspects: medical systems and social innovation, and then compare the current situation in this field in China and abroad.”

I was honored when Aurora asked to interview me for her documentary. Then, as I reflected on the fact that there are up to 250 million people in the world living with LE, I couldn’t help dreaming about what miracles are possible if lymphatic disease activists like Aurora Liu arose around the world.

Aurora’s story makes my heart soar. Her efforts are a true tribute to her mother. They are also an inspiration to all those living with LE in China and globally.


William Repicci, President & CEO