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Meet Seon Pyo Hong, 2018 GRC Poster Award Winner

Meet Seon Pyo Hong, 2018 GRC Poster Award Winner

Seon Pyo Hong received a 2018 LE&RN Poster Award at the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Lymphatics Forum in Italy, March 2018. We asked Dr. Hong to share with our Supporting Members some thoughts on his career, on lymphatic research, and on the GRC. Supporting Members make LE&RN research awards possible. Become a Supporting Member today.

My name is Seon Pyo Hong. I am affiliated with the Institute for Basic Science for the postdoc fellow at Gou Young Koh’s lab. I started research 5 years ago in KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). I have studied stem cells regarding cardiac differentiation for cardiac regeneration.

I have been studying lymphatics for about a year and am interested in intestinal lacteals and working on how and whether intestinal stromal cells regulate and maintain lacteals. I want to propose the importance of stromal cells for lacteal maintenance

I had the chance to participate in the GRC on Lymphatics in Italy this past March, my first lymphatic conference. I was deeply impressed by the atmosphere in GRC. GRC provided lots of opportunities for discussion with many researchers. I could learn and be exposed to recent topics and data. I could feel the commitment of the researchers. It was the best conference I have ever attended.

It was a great honor to receive the LE&RN Poster Award at this excellent conference. I was happy to share my project and data and want to contribute to the field of lymphatics. I would like to thank my boss, Prof. Gou Young Koh and my colleagues. I would also like to thank the GRC members and outstanding researchers.

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