Lymphatic Diseases in the News

LE&RN seeks to highlight media coverage featuring lymphatic diseases in the news. 

World Lymphedema Day
Healthcare Dive: LE&RN Press Release: March 6 is World Lymphedema Day 2024
 “As we celebrate World Lymphedema Day, we are united in dreaming of a cure. On March 6, we raise our voices for all those who suffer from lymphedema across the globe, letting them know they are not alone,” declares Academy Award-winner Kathy Bates in the 2024 World Lymphedema Day video. 

WTNH News 8 (New Haven, CT): VIDEO: Common causes and treatments for Lymphedema
Certified Lymphedema therapist with Hartford Healthcare’s Rehabilitation Network, Theresa Plant, joined News 8 at noon to discuss the common causes and treatments for the disease.

Fox 2 Now (St. Louis, MO): VIDEO: Laser Lipo and Vein Center sheds light on World Lymphedema Day
Wednesday night, there is an event from the Missouri Chapter of Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN.) It’s the World Lymphedema Day Celebration being held at The Lodge in Des Peres in the Dogroom Room.

Lymphatic Diseases

HealthDay: Some Breast Cancer Patients Can Retain Lymph Nodes, Avoiding Lymphedema
Now, new Swedish research may help narrow down which patients require extensive lymph removal, based on the number and size of tumors infiltrating lymph nodes, and which do not. 

Everyday Health: Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Do You Really Need Your Lymph Nodes Removed?
Removal of lymph nodes in the area surrounding the breast and in the armpit — a strategy designed to prevent the spread of cancer cells to the rest of the body — appears unnecessary for many women with early-stage breast cancer, according to an accumulated body of research. 

News-Medical: Study shows safety of avoiding extensive lymph node removal in breast cancer patients
It is possible to leave most of the lymph nodes in the armpit, even if one or two of them have metastases larger than two millimeters? 

TODAY: What is Wendy Williams' feet disorder? What to know about lymphedema
“This is lymphedema,” Williams says in the documentary. “And I can only feel now 2% (of my feet)."

TODAY: Woman, 36, uses viral videos to share what people get wrong about lymphedema
When Nicole Faccio was born, her left arm was already noticeably swollen. “I probably gave heart attacks to a couple of people,” Faccio, 36, London-based project manager for a technology consulting firm, tells Born with primary lymphedema in Puerto Rico in the 1980s, Faccio says her parents “immediately started looking for help.”

Med City News: Redefining Survivorship: Proactive Strategies for Preventing Chronic Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema
Today, as breast cancer therapy has continued to improve survival, the impact of long-term treatment complications has taken on greater significance.

Cure: Medicare Must Now Cover Lymphedema Treatment Garments
Medicare will now cover doctor-prescribed compression supplies for patients with cancer and other conditions who are experiencing lymphedema, thanks to the Lymphedema Treatment Act. 

HME News: Providers Get Crash Course on Lymphedema Rules
It’s a “time of learning” for providers, as they navigate providing compression therapy garments for Medicare beneficiaries with lymphedema, say industry stakeholders. 

Allure: When Is Cellulite Actually Lipedema?
You might be hearing about lipedema lately. Searches for the term “lipedema surgery” have recently spiked by 400%.
HealthCentral: What to Know About Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Surgery
You may hear it referred to as “breast cancer lymphedema.” Still, it’s important to note that lymphedema is not cancer but rather a complication that can occur after breast cancer surgery. 

Local News

CBS News WBZ Boston: VIDEO: What is lymphedema and what causes it?
Older age, obesity, and certain types of arthritis can also increase the risk. WBZ-TV's Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.

Fox 21 KQDS (Duluth, MN): Local Medical Supplies Store Celebrates Lymphedema Awareness Month
A local medical supplies store is celebrating Lymphedema Awareness Month.

CTV News (Montreal): VIDEO: Patients concerned about future of lymphedema clinic in Montreal
There is confusion and ample amounts of concern about the future of the lymphedema clinic at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in Montreal.

The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA)Letter to the Editor: Lymphedema is common, but diagnosis by primary care providers is not
Lymphedema, a non curable life long disease, affects more people than all cancers combined yet very little information is conveyed through local media sources. 

WPIX 11 (Pittsburgh, PA): VIDEO: UPMC doctor becomes 1st in United States to try new lymphedema treatment approach
Dr. Soran took tissue from Neibel’s abdomen and moved it to her arm, helping the area regenerate and finally get the fluid moving again. He says it’s a procedure that not many hospitals are doing.

Dayton Daily News (OH) / AOL: COMMUNITY GEMS: Breast cancer survivor now supports others with lymphedema
Franci Schwab was in remission from breast cancer when she started having severe swelling and pain. But it was only when other breast cancer survivors noticed her swollen arm and approached her that she had a name for what was happening: lymphedema. 

Herald News (IL): Lymphedema program at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox set for Tuesday
Register now for a free informational event about lymphedema Tuesday at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox.

Cape Gazette (DE): Jillian Kemmerlin goes from patient to caregiver
For Jillian Kemmerlin, the journey to becoming a lymphedema/occupational therapist started with being a patient herself.