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Meet Padma Tummala, LE&RN/LymphNotes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship Winner

Meet Padma Tummala, LE&RN/LymphNotes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship Winner

I have been an Occupational Therapist for 20 years, a career I had chosen in order to help people return to their full functional potential. As an OT, I could work in varied settings to help clients achieve their goals.

Lymphedema management is a special field that I came across in the last two years. My interest continued to grow as I noted the number of clients benefiting from it and giving positive feedback about their treatment experience. This prompted me to further my knowledge and pursue the certification in the field through the Klose training program.

I am very grateful for the generous scholarship that was provided to me by LE&RN and LymphNotes to complete the lymphedema certification program. It has helped me obtain the knowledge and credentials to help many clients who are in need of lymphedema services.

As insurance coverage for this treatment is inconsistent, it is very important to have more therapists reach out to the patients to provide services and advocate for our clients. I want to put into practice all that I have learned in the inpatient setting I currently work in. I hope to further my practice in the field, to be able to reach out to clients in underserved areas through education, workshops, and networking with clinicians.

I want to thank the LE&RN Supporting Member who make it possible for therapists like me to continue our education and make a difference for many clients who are in need of this valuable, but underserved area of treatment.

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