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Canada Chapter: Stephen Kelland, Chair

  • Hi, LE&RN members, everywhere, especially those Canadian members of the Lymphedema Community, which – since establishment of “World Lymphedema Day (WLD) – 6 March 2016 – no longer recognizes national boundaries. Since launching, shortly after...

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A Day to Remember: 1st Annual WI Walk/Run

  • A Day to Remember: 1st Annual WI Walk/Run

    Cindy Cronick

    Walk/Run Organizer and WI Chapter Co-Chair

    The First Annual WI Walk to Fight Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases was such an inspirational day.  We couldn’t believe the great turnout and how so many people came together to learn...

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LE&RN Europe Chapter

  • LE&RN Europe Chapter

    Epa Gousopoulos, M.D., MSc
    Chair, Europe Chapter

    The initiation of LE&RN Europe Chapter, with Switzerland as the first affiliated country, comes at the moment LE&RN embraced the challenge to lead an international campaign to...

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My first patient

  • My first patient


    New Delhi, INDIA

    My first patient: an eighteen-year old girl from a fairly rich family had a big leg owing to primary lymphoedema, and an innocent yet an impalpable dream - to fit into a denim jean! She marked it as a symbol of...

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Canada Chapter, Co-Chair, Andrew Matta

  • Canada Chapter, Co-Chair, Andrew Matta

    Hello everyone!

    With great pleasure, I welcome you to the LE&RN Canadian Chapter. This is a huge stepping-stone for those who are suffering from Lymphedema. LE&RN has been advocating both support and research for those who are suffering with...

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