Complex Lymphatic Anomalies with Bone Involvement


About the speaker: My academic and clinical interests in the field of blood and lymph overlap as a Pediatric Hematologist in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Children’s Hospital Colorado. I’m the Program Lead for the Bone Marrow Failure Program and the Medical Director of the Vascular Anomaly Center. Through these programs we’ve contributed to shaping national clinical consensus guidelines and advance therapeutic options for rare blood disorders. For many rare disorders in the fields of pediatric hematology, bone marrow failure, and vascular anomalies, our center is often the only care team in a multi-state mid-western catchment area with the resources and organization to appropriately treat, study and advance these conditions. We continue to grow our research into the pathophysiology of disease, genetic predisposition, and identification of targetable defects with potential for new therapeutic intervention. My aim has always been to connect our patients and our research to those throughout the nation through sound academic collaboration.