How to Find a Qualified Lymphedema Therapist
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Description: RESOURCES: LE&RN Step Up Speak Out LANA Guenter Klose overview of therapy and lymphedema: Northwest Lymphedema Center: Overview of self-care: NLN: Importance of a 50,000 Mile Check Up   FINDING A QUALIFIED THERAPIST:

About the speaker: Dr. Judith Nudelman is a Board Certified family medicine physician who combines clinical work with medical student education, and is a clinical associate professor of family medicine at Brown University. She received her MD from University of Pittsburgh and her BA from University of Michigan, and did her residency in Family Medicine at Brown University. Her interest in lymphedema stems from personal experience and her subsequent discovery of widespread lack of knowledge of both the condition of lymphedema and its treatment, and her inability to discover a physician who was capable of or interested in managing the condition. Her goal is to provide education and information about lymphedema and to work to encourage physicians to manage the condition in their patients. She is a CLT (certified lymphedema therapist), and served on the board of directors of the Lymphology Association of America. She has written textbook chapters and articles on lymphedema, and lectures on the subject.