Lymphedema Prevention Program…The Future in Cancer Care


About the speaker: Lymphedema prevention became Sabrina Korentager's passion after working in breast cancer research and meeting a remarkable woman who explained that she was never able to be away from her cancer diagnosis after developing lymphedema. She once said, "I beat cancer but I can't beat this, it reminds me daily of my journey." That was a defining moment, Sabrina said, and that's when she became interested in lymphatics. After becoming a CLT, Sabrina partnered with a newly hired breast surgeon and together they developed the Lymphedema Prevention Program at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. Along the way, Sabrina learned about lymphedema and has come to believe that we must treat it as a disease and not a side effect if we ever want to truly talk about prevention. Sabrina's mission and passion is to change the standards of care in cancer as it relates to lymphedema.