Managing Lymphedema Through Lymphatic Yoga

Description: Welcome to a two part presentation by Babz. The first part of the presentation, Babz will be educating regarding the benefits of lymphatic yoga for individuals with lymphedema, and those who are at risk. She will define lymphatic yoga, discuss her current and past success stories with lymphatic yoga and discuss research regarding yoga & lymphedema and the positive impact it has for managing lymphedema. Babz will then guide you through a sample practice which includes self-manual lymphatic drainage, breathing exercises and lymphatic yoga. Wear comfortable clothing. This practice is for all levels and will be completed in a chair. It is suggested to use a stable chair without wheels for safety and without arms, so your range of motion is not blocked. You may also choose to sit on the edge of a bed, couch, or whatever you find comfortable.

About the speaker: Barbara Jackson "Babz" is an occupational therapist, lymphedema therapist, certified yoga teacher, certified in yoga4cancer, LoveYourBrain, Yoga for Trauma training, and reiki attuned.  Babz currently specializes in the lymphatic system and works in a cancer rehab and an orthopedic setting. She teaches virtual adaptive yoga wellness programs for individuals at risk or diagnosed with lymphedema. She is inspired by her mom who is a breast cancer survivor and who has left upper extremity lymphedema.