Nature-Inspired Bioengineering Solutions for Lymphedema


About the speaker: Prof. James Moore joined Imperial College in January 2013 as the Bagrit and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Medical Device Design in the Department of Bioengineering. Prof. Moore’s research interests include Cardiovascular Biomechanics, Stents, Implantable Devices, Atherosclerosis, and the Lymphatic System. His research focuses on the role of biomechanics in the formation and treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancer. His research on lymphatic system biomechanics has provided unprecedented insight into the pumping characteristics of the system and the transport of nitric oxide, antigens, and chemokines in lymphatic tissues. He is currently developing two technologies for preventing and resolving secondary lymphoedema, which typically forms subsequent to cancer surgery. Along with his funding from government, charity, and industry sources, Prof. Moore has received multiple patents for medical devices and testing equipment. Prof. Moore has also co-founded four startup companies.